Tröegs Craft Brewery

Java Head Stout is brewed with roast espresso and coffee. It’s an unusual combination. It’s also delicious. To introduce the new beer, we created beer coffee sleeves that fit around pint glasses. The unexpected, successful combination of coffee and beer inspires the content on each sleeve.

Tröegs Java Head Coffee Beer Sleeves

Unexpectedly Perfect Combination: The Coffee Beer Sleeve. Protecting your fingers from cold is a vital mission. And no more slippy-slidy on the side of a wet glass, either. It's not just for coffee cups anymore.

Unexpectedly Perfect Combination: Amish Professional Wrestler. Impossible to defeat because he has amazingly strong hands and a rock-solid work ethic. And mules.

Unexpectedly Perfect Combination: Pirate Personal Trainer. Getting yelled at by a peg-legged, sword-brandishing, one-eyed man is enough to make anyone spin faster. How do you improve Pilates? Change the L to an arrrr.

Unexpectedly Perfect Combination: Heavy Metal Water Skier. Has a keen sense of balance thanks to years in platform shoes. If his pyrotechnics get too crazy, there's plenty of water. And he'll finally bathe. Sort of.