John Gilbert

Executive Creative Director

If you’ve ever been to the Jersey Shore, you know the boardwalk is a world unto itself.

Crafty carnival barkers. Face-melting roller coasters. The irresistible smell of funnel cake. All competing ruthlessly for your attention. Growing up in Ocean City, NJ, I quickly learned the importance of standing out in a busy environment. And that once you’ve earned someone’s attention, you had better deliver.

That’s the approach I’ve taken with clients large, small and in-between, within digital, traditional, social, and things that don’t technically have a label. And really, labels don’t matter to people. Ideas do.

My work’s earned recognition at The One Show including an Interactive Gold Pencil; Adweek’s Ad of the Day; Tellys; more than 160 Addys including 2 Best of Shows; Philly Golds including 2 Best of Shows; and has been featured on,, Funny Or Die, in Creativity and Luerzer’s Archive.

Outside agency walls, I’ve judged the NY Addys, served on the boards of directors of the Philadelphia Advertising Club and White-Williams Scholars, spoken at St. Joseph’s University’s school of business and to the American Marketing Association’s Philadelphia chapter, and taught three years at the AAAA’s Institute for Advanced Advertising Studies.

I’ve had two mentors, both Chief Creative Officers of major NY shops. They taught me that advertising is a team sport, and a high tide raises all boats. That you need both balls and brains. And that a big idea beats a big budget any day. I believe all work should be interactive, and that work isn’t necessarily interactive just because it’s digital. Speaking of, I’m endlessly fascinated by the ever-shifting place where culture meets technology. I’ve ridden an elephant but never a horse. And while it’s a hopeless cliché, I actually do enjoy long walks on the beach. Particularly the one I grew up on.


Gold, National Addy Awards, Regional Addy Awards
Gold, Regional Addy Awards
Best of Digital, Philadelphia Addy Awards
Best of Radio, Philadelphia Addy Awards
Best In Show, Philadelphia Addy Awards
Gold Pencil, The One Show
Archive Magazine, Luerzer's
Ad of the Day, Adweek
Best In Show, Philadelphia Addy Awards
Best of Public Service, Philadelphia Addy Awards
Gold, Telly Awards
Best In Show, Philly Golds
Best In Show, Philly Golds
Gold, Telly Awards


  • StarKist
  • Yuengling
  • ESPN
  • 2KSports
  • Hershey's
  • Sunoco
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