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test home page

Test wrong answer redirect. In this example, if you selected "sizzle" instead of "steak," you were redirected to celebrities.com. A banner at the top of the page encourages you to rethink that answer and try again.

test conclusion page

Widener had a valuable advantage no other law school could claim: Widener students. Specifically, their no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is, self-made sensibility. It made sense to celebrate that with an outdoor and online ad campaign that drove people to an online quiz.

If your answer wasn’t of Widener’s caliber, you were taken to a website that might better suit you. For example, if you answered “Who you know” instead of "What you know," you were sent to a local country club site. A frame at the top of the browser window provided insight about why a Widener student would answer differently, and encouraged visitors to go back and try the question again.

In addition to earning Best of Show at the Philadelphia Addys, the campaign was widely talked about among Widener students, and generated a ten-fold increase in traffic to Widener Law’s site. Applications exceeded their goals by nearly 25%.

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